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It is with great sadness that Emma heard of Otto's passing in April 2010.

This game was published in the London Times newspaper by  GM. R. Keene MA. OBE.



                                  Sheffield Star Tuesday 21st July 2009.                                                    Photo gallery at the London Eye



Link >> Chess: February 7. GM Raymond D Keene MA.OBE. The Times Newspaper Column


Chess 4 Everyone  DVD with GM Nigel Davies &  GM Raymond Keene  MA OBE.         World  Best Susan Polgar  Las Vegas June 2007   

Emma continues to make a mockery of her ECF grade of 71 with a win in the 4NCL over 152 grade.

Now see this:- Click here  >>>   Wu-Tang Chess Masters // Current TV UK   <<< Emma's own Rap Words on Chess  Her next visit in the USA Emma is invited to play at  the Yahoo Head Office by Steve Rich ( The Rocket Science Guy ) and will play in California on February 2nd & 3rd. by invite from Dr Alan Kirchner  ( CalNorth Youth Chess ) & 19th. Feb. Hip Hop Queens International 2008.

Polgar Under 11 Girls Open World Chess Champion. Score  5.5 / 6.     Las Vegas June 2007

  All England Girls U10 Champion. Score 5 / 5. June 30th 2007       All Englands Girls Eastern Region U10 Chess Champion.  Score 5/5 Nov. 2006

Sheffield U9 Chess Champion 2005 / 6.    York U11.   Lincoln U11.    EPSCA  Finals Nottingham U11 3/3.    2nd Nottinghamshire Championships  yr 6. 2007


 Reports from Hip Hop Chess Federation. Chess Kings Invitational.  October 13th 2007. 

 YouTube - Official HHCF Chess Kings Invitational Video Mix!!      

YouTube - GETV145: Hip Hop Chess Tournament

In TV & Radio interviews Emma is instructed to state only the region in which she lives. Her own Hip Hop CD / DVD is in the pipeline for release shortly.

Missing in action was DJ Q-Bert who was scheduled to play 10 year old world chess champ Emma Bentley from the UK. From the looks of things Q-Bert would want no parts of this young lady as she is no joke on the boards. She easily disposed of famed UFC fighter ( Ralek Gracie ) in a chess match that resulted in most participants staying clear of her unless they wanted their feelings hurt. We also understand that this young lady is also very skilled in the martial arts world. No doubt she'll return back in February when HHCF holds the Queens Invitational to showcase and bring attention to women chess players.                    Quote from  Davey  D.   Hip Hop Cosign.

When 11 year old Chess Champion Emma Bentley’s original opponent dropped out, Ralek Gracie stepped up and competed in a one minute bullet match against the prodigy. Emma flew all the way out from England for the event. Emma is also a Tae Kwon Do champion and a budding musician, and about the coolest 11 year I’ve ever met from the United Kingdom. Although scheduled for a minute (chess time), Emma managed to defeat Ralek in four moves. She later confessed she “felt a bit sorry for beating Ralek so badly”, but Ralek smiled and took it in stride. Quote OTM.

What a fantastic day at the San Francisco Design Centre. Probably around five hundred people there and top music stars and Martial Arts personalities to walk right up to and talk with.  Congratulations to Adisa and Meko Banjoko and Leo Libiran on an outstanding achievement.

Emma had the VIP treatment at both Circus Circus and the Wynn Hotels during her stay in Las Vegas and The Hilton at Sierra Point in San Francisco.

We gave RZA - GZA and Monk of Wu-Tang Clan a ride back to their hotel.


      Ralek Gracie Ju Jitsu World Champion &  Hal Langland Pres. & Dr Salman Azhar  of  Calchess.             IM Josh Waitzkin gave commentary.                       An interview with GE TV.

Facing each other are Emma and  Ralek Gracie ( pronounced  Halek ) MMA fighter & Ju Jitsu trainer before their game. Martial Art Master Ralek Gracie stood in at a moments notice when the original competitor Mr Qbert failed to show for their Bullet Match.  Mighty respect to Ralek.  At Chess,  Emma won on the day. 50 seconds five moves.         1. Nc3 e5  2.d3 Bc5  3.Nb5 a6  4.Na3 Qf6  5.e4 Qxf2 checkmate!

IM Josh Waitzkin  gave the commentary of the match watched by Hal Langland President, Dr Salman Azhar & Dr Alan Kirshner of Calnorth Youth Chess.


                                Ralek Gracie  a true sportsman                  RZA Wu Tang Clan                   Rakaa Iriscience.  Dilated Peoples             

 Adisa Banjoko      Author and Co Founder of   Hip Hop Chess Federation.    Leo Libiran Co Founder.

Emma is the North of England Tae Kwon Do Silver Medallist and plays Piano. Necessary qualifications for Hip Hop Chess.

 Diary for Emma in the next 6 months includes events in  California - Beijing-Las Vegas - Europe- Australia.

Emma was invited to London on Wednesday to meet the Chinese Chess World Champion Xu Yinchuan.  After some instruction from Mr Jingfeng Wang and encouragement from those watching, a game was played. A great time was had by all.  www.worldmindmasters.com

Mr Xu Yinchuan, ( 2nd from left.) Xiangqi ( Chinese Chess )World Champion with secretary general of the Chinese Chess Federation.  ( London 19th Sept. 2007)

Sec. General of Chinese Chess Federation  Liu Xiaofang (2nd from right ).  Wang Fang 2006 World Champion ( left ) Xu Yinchuan ( 2nd from left ) Jingfeng Wang ( center )


     Emma with instructional help playing Xu Yinchuan. Game watched by  GM Raymond Keene OBE        Crew at work for Chinese TV.

Photo Gallery  from Liverpool. September 3rd to 9th.

By the way she does own several England shirts.

A great privilege to meet the Chinese team and their leaders. A special honour to meet Mr Gong. Consul General


                     Abigail Tian in Liverpool..                                            Mr Gong                                   Emma's with 13 yr old GM  Hou Yifan


               Hou Yifan & Team Leader.         Joe Morrison. Emma's Captain at Ecclesall.       Computer boss Dave Clayton, Liverpool


     Young Rising Stars of the Chinese team.                                             Photo by Steve Connor ( I think )

Emma scored a respectable 1.5 points amongst the toughest competition you could imagine for a ten year old. Monday saw eight hours play in two games.  The first game lasting four hours fifteen minutes and the second three hours forty five. After the first draw against a 137 grade she was paired with a Fide master graded at 2066.Emma ELO 1365. That's tough for a junior and her only comment was " I have learnt a great deal this week." Of course being the lowest graded there means you only play stronger players. Emma is very grateful for the coaching and help given to her this week from almost everyone she played. Special thanks to Tony Blades, Alexandra Wilson and Ray Cannon.

    BBC News Look North interview with Emma   Interviewed by Christa Ackroyd & Harry Gration July 13th 2007.

               Link to :-  Howard Staunton Photo Gallery

Photos from  The Staunton Memorial  held at  Simpsons On The Strand August 18th 2007.


Eric Schiller. Legendary  Coach -Author - Arbiter - Organiser.       GM Mickey Adams. Winner  /  Photo by Steve Giddins.        GM   Jan Smeets


     GM Raymond Keene OBE     Photo:-  Tom Chivers            GM  Ivan Sokolov            Mega Star  John Ohurley. Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.


  Natasha Engel MP at  Houses of  Parliament                  Pumpkin festival Half Moon Bay         Rt. Hon. Dr. John Reid MP. Home Sec.


 With Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP. Min of Sport     Emma playing IM Mike Basman in Lincoln     All England Eastern Region Championships.


  World Boxing Champion Johnny Nelson                   Grand Master  Bob Wade  OBE                       Harry Gration at BBC TV Leeds


  All England Girls Winner & Claire Summerscale.         Gerry Walsh President ECF       Fredi, General Manager at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas


                Nevada State Trooper, Hoover Dam.          Lynne Stringer. Fide Arbiter. Beach, Victoria, BC. Canada


                Emma with her Coach Julian Simpole                                     Brendan Ingle OBE. Trainer of 4 Nadeem Siddique                                                                                                That's right, boxing gloves and fights Tae Kwon Do.

 Click on Link>>   BBC News Look North interview with Emma.

Emma started playing chess in June 2005. Her first competition was at the Abbey Hotel Sheffield later that Summer in the Woodseats Cup. Organised and run by the Sheffield and District Chess Association. Emma had never seen a chess clock at that time and had a crash course in their use five minutes before play commenced. She actually won one game out of six that night. Emma was introduced to the juniors at the SASCA Chess Club, Handsworth Christian School, Sheffield. She joined the Monday night club and by November she entered and won the Sheffield Under 9 Championship for boys and girls.

Matches were played for Yorkshire in the Under 11 and Under 14 sections with outstanding success beating England players in the process.


In November 2006 Emma won the Eastern Region All Englands Girls Under 10 Championship.

June 10th 2007 won the  World Open Girls Under 11 Championship. Las Vegas Chess Festival.

June 30th 2007 Won the All England Girls Under 10 Championship.  

"The further backward you look, the further forward you can see."  Winston Churchill.


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