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To keep young people off the street, away from drugs and crime.

To Help Ex Service Men and Women overcome mental disorders.


Chess Sets For Derbyshire Schools     

Presentation of the first Thoughtsport Chess Set for Derbyshire Schools took place at Ripley Junior School, 11am Friday 9th October by the chairman of Derbyshire County Council


                                                                                              Patron Johnny Nelson


Derbyshire County Council

Stuart Ellis:- County Councillor

   GM. Raymond Keene OBE

Henry Boot PLC

             Terraplas PLC 

  GM. Nigel Davies

Rolls-Royce PLC

  Emma Bentley 

Natasha Engel MP

Chess & Bridge


 Midlands CO OP  via  North of England's, a charity, has provided free of charge to Derbyshire schools who request them, 6 chess sets and boards, a training DVD, notation cards and a package containing the rules of chess and the contacts for clubs and competitions relevant to junior chess throughout England. Over a thousand sets and boards are expected to be needed for the issue and these are to be paid for by donations from Derbyshire companies and individuals. The above companies and individuals are sponsors to date. The chess boards and DVD's are designed and manufactured in Derbyshire.





Thoughtsport  trains and educates young people through board games music and sport. Young people that have been disaffected by the system and left behind are helped find their place in society by involving them in activities that require more than just classroom studies or just  physical strength.  Thoughtsport promotes the mind expanding techniques that are needed to be a winner in today's sporting and game arenas as well as life itself.  Academic skills are taught by relaxed methods with a strong emphasis on chess mathematics music and physical fitness.

Thoughtsport is where mental and  physical strength come together in a classroom method but without the schoolroom stressors. Physical strength is encouraged through a boxing fitness regime for boys and girls. Thoughtsport is producing a TV documentary featuring the games and sports played by famous people that helped them succeed in their career.


    Rt. Hon. R. Caborn MP Minister for Sport.                       Jaime HayĆ³n in Trafalgar Square       Johnny Nelson, Chess with Emma Bentley      


   David Bentley                                          Simul Players with GM. Michael Adams                                   Ken Norbury was created by G. David Bentley.

Ken Norbury teaches business studies, mathematics and plays chess for Sheffield.

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