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 Coach Julian Simpole.

Gerry Walsh Pres. ECF & Dennis Skinner MP.

Outside Pursuits

Emma's 4ncl team Poisoned Pawns 1. now promoted to Div 1.

Emma won her game against Leicestershire 

( playing Otto Hardy ) on Saturday  13th Dec.

The team had a draw. 

The game is now published in The Times Newspaper Feb.19th 2009.  

GM Raymond Keene MA OBE.   Chess Link >>  

 The Times Chess Column


 LEICESTERSHIRE   v   DERBYSHIRE.       Dec 13th 2008.  Where else but chess could you see a real blood-and-guts contest - at a senior level - between such a legendary figure and a rising star over 60 years his junior?  Emma looked like she'd taken a hammer blow early on, but came back instantly with one of her own, and quite a crowd gathered round one of the very last games to finish and see her lay the old warrior low. Her victory  tied the match at 7-7 and the final 8-8 was a good result given the opposition.

The above is taken from  Chesterfield Chess Club   Website  Saturday  Dec.13th. 2008.

Courtesy  of  Dave Latham.

Derbyshire Young Achievers Awards Friday 12th December 2008


Emma receiving Young Achievers Award from

ITV's How 2 - Gareth Jones  & Chair of  Derbyshire C .C.  Joyce Sanders.

Watched over By North East Derbyshire Member of Parliament Natasha Engel (right )

with Mum and Grandad Phillip.

Award for passing GCSE Maths at 11 years of age. Also Chess, Music  Distinction  & DVD achievements.


News article Sports  Section July 31st 2008.

See here >> Derbyshire Times Sports Section

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